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“We want to connect, explore and have fun. We are doing things that inspire and motivate us to, improve, learn and get outside to experience the beauty of life, while giving our best to leave every place and person better, healthier, happier and more excited than we found it.”

We’ve only started our journey… We constantly develop new experiences to bring you joy, traformation and stoke. Next up are 1:1 and group coaching, group adventure tours and more. Stay tuned!

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YourStoke is a travel and surf brand that brings amazing surf and travel experiences to people and helps them not only to see the world and improve their skills but also to experience life differently, more rich and full of moments that matter.

We change the world through traveling and surfing one person at a time through showing you how awesome life can be if you go out there and explore. We create experiences that make you stoke and want to go out there to have fun, learn and make a difference, whilst helping you to get better, surf amazing waves and discovery new cultures and ways of living life. We show you the beauty nature and life has to offer while at the same time educating about the importance to travel and surf mindfully and responsibly.

Your life is a journey and an adventure. It is normal to not know sometimes where you are going or what to do or lose track of the path. But through mindfulness and openness we can enjoy the unfolding of this journey while having a deep trust that we will find back to the path at the right time. There is a lot of beautiful things happening when you go on adventures with an open mind. Many wonderful opportunities present itself and you never know where you end up.

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